• The Blue Boar Aldbourne Wiltshire

Doctor Who, the Cloven Hoof

The Cloven Hoof Dr Who and The DaemonsThe village of Aldbourne is picturesque and unspoiled and has been used for many TV programmes and movies. One of the most famous is the Doctor Who episode 'The Daemons' that was filmed in 1971 with the Blue Boar taking a starring role as the Cloven Hoof.

The Daemons: The Master poses as the new vicar in the rural community of Devil's End, just as an archaeologist begins work on opening an ancient barrow near the village. Despite the Doctor's attempts to stop the work, a Daemon named Azal is released from dormancy within the barrow. A member of an ancient alien race who guided nascent human life on Earth, Azal has remained behind to judge humanity's worthiness. But the Master will stop at nothing to seize Azal's tremendous power.

The Daemons was shot mainly on location spanning twelve days from April 19th to 30th 1971. All the locales used were in Wiltshire, with the village of Aldbourne being the site of the majority of the work particularly on the grounds of St Michael's Church and in the vicinity of the Blue Boar, which was renamed the Cloven Hoof for the duration of filming. Many Aldbourne residents participated in the recording, and the two week period would subsequently be generally acknowledged as a high point of the entire Pertwee era.