Christmas Party Menu for 10 + people



                         CHRISTMAS PARTY MENU 2019





                                   £ 25.95 per person



from Monday Dec. 2nd to Sat Dec. 21st        Bookings only



Homemade roast sweet potato parsnip and carrot soup

with crusty bread roll and butter

Breaded salmon lemon and dill fishcake

with house tartare sauce and salad garnish

 Chicken liver and cognac pate with apple cider chutney

with toasted own recipe soda bread and salad garnish

Fan of Cantaloupe melon

drizzled with raspberry coulis with prosecco and mandarin sorbet



Roast breast of local turkey and home cooked ham

with sage, cranberry and onion stuffing, chipolata and roast gravy

Sea Bream fillets grilled

with tomato olive and herb salsa

                                                       8oz local venison steak pan-fried

with redcurrant and port sauce

 Half roasted butternut squash

stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables herbs and spices


roast potatoes, baton carrots & brussel sprouts



Classic Christmas pudding

with brandy custard

Belgium Chocolate and Clementine Torte

served with orange and ginger ice cream

Fresh fruit salad

and whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream

flavoured with Christmas pudding & Armagnac



Home baked mince pies


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